Montana is a state that has been known for its rugged beauty, but also as the “Big Sky Country.” The people who live there have always had to be resourceful and innovative in order to survive. This attitude has led many entrepreneurs and great innovation to come from Montana. In this blog post we will explore entrepreneurship communities of Montana and talk about how these small towns are at the heart of innovation.

Great Innovation Outcomes: Many successes have come out of small cities in Montana such as Helena’s Big Sky Brewing Company which just celebrated their 24th Anniversary last year (opened 1997). These companies illustrate what can happen when you combine an entrepreneurial spirit with some grit–the company was created by two brothers working together who simply wanted to do something different.

– Big Sky Brewing Company, Helena Montana Chamber of Commerce.

Another example of innovation that came out of Montana is the Jurasik family farm, which has been running since 1923. Their innovative work with irrigation and more efficient farming methods have made them one of the most successful farms in America today.

The Made in Montana brand means that these products are produced, bottled and packaged in Montana. They have been making their signature product since the 1890s, which is a reason they were named “The Official Spirit of The Big Sky Country.”

Innovation in Great Falls, Montana: The community is really engaged with entrepreneurship because they want their town to be successful economically as well as socially. They have several thriving organizations that help entrepreneurs start up their business and get it off the ground before coming out into the public eye for funding purposes such as Innovate Great Falls or Ignite Great Falls.

The Innovation District is an organization which helps cultivate innovation within kids by providing them opportunities for creativity through education, mentorship programs, science camps and more while also giving parents resources so they can continue educating themselves about STEM careers (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Innovation is at the heart of Montana and as the state is looking to diversify their economy, they are achieving this through many different ways. Montana wants its entrepreneurs and innovators to succeed. As Montanans look toward economic diversification, innovation will be just one of several strategies used for growth.

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