Montana’s universities are spread out across the state, and each has a unique culture. Montana State University is in Bozeman, MT and they have over 20,000 students enrolled there. The University of Montana is located in Missoula, MT and has about 10,500 students enrolled. There are also many other colleges that you can choose from like Carroll College or Rocky Mountain College if you want to live in a more rural setting.

Each university offers a wide range of courses and programs. Montana State University has over 40 undergraduate degrees, 30 graduate degrees and 20 minors with more than 300 different majors to choose from. The University of Montana also has many options as well. They offer bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts or science and master’s degree programs for teaching through the College of Education or Medicine. You can even get your PhD there if you want!

With so much variety in universities across this great state, it is easy to find one that fits your needs whether they are big city living or country lifestyle related. If you just need a quick change after graduation, then MSU might be perfect while UM would be better for someone wanting an experience out in the western part of Montana.

Montana is a large state with many universities. From the University of Montana in Missoula to Carroll College it offers something for all students looking for an academic experience. The size and location of these schools vary from urban centers like Helena or Billings to rural towns such as Glendive, Kalispell, Great Falls, and Havre which offer a more seclusion-based lifestyle. Regardless of where you choose your degree will not only be affordable due to the low cost of living but also applicable because they are so diverse that no matter what profession you’re interested in there’s probably going to be some school nearby that can help get you started on your way!

Even though the secluded rural towns in Montana don’t have the big city attractions, there is still plenty to do in these small towns to feel a sense of community. There are many museums, theaters, and libraries all over Montana to give residents an opportunity for intellectual stimulation.

Conclusion: Whether you’re a history buff or looking for the best place to ski during winter break we can help match your needs with a school in Montana! For more information about what universities offer visit our website today because there’s no better time than now to find out how affordable it is to get an education here at home.

A major factor of deciding where one goes to college has always been affordability but that doesn’t mean they have to settle on just any university if the goal is also finding both academic excellence and opportunities for recreational activities within local communities.

The one thing to remember when choosing a university in Montana is to think about what kind of atmosphere you want. What are your personal interests? Do you like the big city life or is it more country living that suits your needs? There is a university in Montana for everyone and they all have something special to offer, no matter where you decide to live.

Missoula has both urban and rural life with their bustling college town feel on one side of town while still having access to rolling green hillsides on the other. The University of Montana offers students over 100 degree programs which give them an excellent education as well as plenty of activities around campus right within walking distance from any student’s dorm room if they choose not to drive anywhere but instead explore this exciting neighborhood even further; such things include live music and bands, and thriving community art installations.

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